Tuesday, March 15, 2005


i've been focusing on my weight alot lately, mainly because of cheerleading. I'm a flyer (the one that goes in the air), and captain for my schools varsity cheerleading team and my base group is always complaining about how heavy i am. i'm about 5'5" and 109-110 pounds. everytime they say something about my weight, it makes me wanna run to the bathroom and throw up everything i've eaten. Sometimes it gets me so upset that i do, i've also started taking weight loss pills, i'm trying to lose at least 10 pounds, so then i will weigh 100 pounds. I don't think i need help though because once i get to 100 pounds i plan to stop. What do you think i should do? How long do you think its going to take to lose the weight?


if you continue doing this and they say you are too heavy again this cycle will only start over again and again and again this is how anorexia begins, trust me, im there right now, it hurts, ALOT.
But instead of trying to please other people try to please yourself, like maybe look in the mirror after your next shower and tell yourself "I Am Beautiful, I dont need to loose weight, I am perfect at being me, nobody else." that helps me alot.hope this hels=]