Wednesday, March 9, 2005

Why are people scared of those who are different?

It happens in the school yard, at work, in the media and generally in life. The person who doesn't conform, is different, artistic in a way others cant fully understand, is smarter, who thinks differently, is different looking or speaks out and says thing that people wish they had the courage to, gets bullied. I believe those people are unique and should be cherished. Don't worry i'm not talking to about myself. I just dont understand why they get picked on.
Eg) The nerdy kid in school will get picked on, is it because he is an easy target or because people are jealous?
Michel Angelo was criticized for the statue of David that maybe now is one of the most famous sculptures of all time, but when it was created many people were outraged at how 'real' the features were.
Lady gaga: For this i will get a lot of hate comments but i guess those who troll here are those i'm talking about. Lady gaga's style is different, she's intellectual and obviously only living her dream though the media love to crush her (for money of course) and others call her a freak.

So why are people scared of such a difference? Do they use this to full their hatred on others because they want to feel normal? Or do they simply not understand that every single person is different some more than others, and if your picking on people for difference then you might as well pick on your best friend and mother.

Answer on Why are people scared of those who are different?

I think that there are many reasons why people act like this, but the major one is simply ignorance. They are either completely oblivious to or simply don't care that anyone might act outside of their own often narrow-minded views of how they expect people to be.

I also think that the people they target as 'weird' are often people they are jealous of. Because they feel they can not compete with that person - in whatever sense, looks wise, talent, grades - it is a lot easier to simply term them as 'weird' and make themselves feel superior in this way, without fear of competition and failure.

And finally, I think that conformity has a lot to answer for here. Take the example of the 'nerdy' kid at school - one person decides they feel threatened by the 'nerd's' intelligence and so terms them 'uncool', thus giving themselves an ego boost. Others don't wish to be place into the 'uncool' category along with the 'nerdy' kid, so they join the 'cool' kid in labelling the other kid a 'geek' or whatev. As more people go along with the 'cool' kid, the effect snowballs and most people choose to go with the 'cool' majority so as to avoid make themselves vulnerable or open to being called 'uncool' themselves.

Adults are no different to kids - People were intimidated by Michel Angelo's brilliance, much as they are scared off by Lady Gaga's intellect and creativity today. It easier to gang up on these individuals and make themselves feel superior than it is to accept that these people are more talented than their poor, boring, dull little selfs. People are basically conformist sheep, happy to go with the trends of the day.

Just my opinion anyways =)