Saturday, March 5, 2005

I'm stressed out about driving school?

I've been in driving school for four months... I started in April.
Where I live, the law is you have to be 16 and have your temps for 6 months to get your license. Oh and of course, driving school.
I've been 16 since March and have had my temps for almost 8.
I didn't realize there was a four month limit on driving school... until I went to class one day and the instructor told that to a new kid.
I started the class during my spring break, then I got busy. I went on a two week trip to Egypt and Italy the day after school let out, so between shopping, doctor's appointments, and studying for exams and end of the year work that teachers crammed in, I didn't have time to go and I wasn't too worried. I figured I had all the time in the world!
Then for my last class, it took my an hour to get there because we sat behind a wreck on the high way for an extra fourty five minutes. I was twenty fives minutes late for a FOUR HOUR class and the instructor said I was too late and couldn't take the class. IT WAS THE LAST ONE I NEEDED!
So now, I have my last class on Saturday and I take the written test. Then, I have to plan my in car and finish before next friday, when I leave for south carolina until the first of August and my four months will be up.
So I'm freaking out... do you think if I explain to the instructor everything he'll help me plan my in car so I can finish before I leave??
I'm so stressed out. I don't know what to do.
What do you think??

Answer on I'm stressed out about driving school?

omg thats alot of work u r so buzy person
i think u need to clam down and try to do ur other work quicklly so u wontt be late for
ur classes
hope thats help
good luck