Monday, February 7, 2005

What can i add to this plot for a short story to make it interesting?

For my creative writing class (grade 10) we have to write short stories.
I wanted to do a story about a guy and a girl meeting in Italy.... written in both of their perspectives...
so the girl would start off talking about how she wants to find true love, then the next paragraph would be the guy talking about how he wants to find a girl and then it would switch off,

first paragrph: Girl's perspective
2nd para: boys perspective
3rd para: girls perspective

what could happen in the story to make it seem more interesting than just them walking down the street towards eachother and then at the end they meet?

also, i need some help developing the male character... what could be interesting about him?
thanks :)

Answer on What can i add to this plot for a short story to make it interesting?

You want your reader to connect with the character, so tell with dialog with who she is traveling with a little background , you can give comparitive description between french land marks and her American home town. Who what where why when too answere those the food would be different, cars too. Building designs are different . Why are the two main character where they are.Fashion hot spots over there. Google or wiki the location get details to make it believable.