Monday, January 17, 2005

Will my skin get better in one month?

my forehead nose and inner cheeks are oily. I have three zits on my forehead , two blackheads near my mouth and a swollen blackhead on my nose. I have many bumps on my forehead and inner cheeks. Will my zits be gone in about a month before 27th and will I have better skin(less bumps?) I am trying a detox diet where I eliminate my sugar and salt intake and drink only water and Arizona and eat grapefruit and lots of fruit and yogurt and eggs and chicken noodle soup. Someone please help! I need clear skin for picture day!! What are some products I could use? Tips? Sorry for so many questions!!!

Answer on Will my skin get better in one month?

It is proven that Diet has no effect on your skin.
Try not picking your face, and just leave it alone! you stressing probably will make it worse.... Toner's really help too.