Wednesday, January 12, 2005

How do i stop being bulimic?

I have suffered with Bulimia for 15years and basically i want to stop but i really dont know how to eat "normally" anymore. I try to eat small portions but i cant stand the feeling of being full, it makes me feel very stressed and tearful and no matter how i try i cant keep the food down! I'm 37 now, im in a happy, stable relationship and i really just want to be normal but i have no idea where to start! I feel my health is really starting to suffer now, im tired all of time, im irritable, i have no energy, i suffer from acid reflux and my stomach is always bloated! I live in a foreign country so i have nowhere to go for any help! Please could you give me some advice on how to change my lifestyle and my diet! Thankyou in advance!

Answer on How do i stop being bulimic?

Have you tried Therapy, they can find out why you are like that.

What does Drake mean he says this?

What is he talking about...what happened??

The other day, Lisa told me that she missed the old me.
Which made me question when I went missing.
And when I start treating my friends different.
Maybe it was the fast paced switch up.
Or the two guns in my face during the stick up.
Maybe cause the girl I thought I trusted was who set the whole **** up.
Or the fact I haven't seen em since they locked Big Rich up.

and what does he mean by this

Growing more too, I just planted a hundred seeds.
It's ironic, 'cause my mother was a flourist,
and that's how she met my pops and now my garden is enormous

Answer on What does Drake mean he says this?

to me, the first one, he`s saying that ever since he started with the rap game, he`s changed & that after a few things happened & after some people let him in on their opinions, he had a total wake up call & realized how much of a different person fame has made him.

the second one, i don`t understand the first half so much but the last line he`s trying to like humorously insinuate that his parents...well did it...alot lol. the garden being his family. that`s how i interpret it.