Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Is England possibly the dullest place in the world? Could you c/c please?

I always love imagery rich poems so i'll try to placate some amazing beauty, do I fail? He he. . . not apologizing' for posting here, i'll try not to, and this isn't my 36 flavours of jellybean poem.

I venture through the greyscale London way
and give a thought to why it's so darn dull
Boring even on the brightest day
It might as well be a very deep hole

Never to rival a crystal blue lake
the Thames and it's murk doesn't measure up
All the litter and mess was a mistake
longing for the scenes from a painted cup

Vast forest's that are lush green all around
Jungle plants over a ravine, the vines
Here we are with our bad litter strewn ground
Different small bottles of beers and wines

A concrete jungle, thats where we are held
The rain is the bars, the grey is our cell
Any sort of beauty has been expelled
And rubbish seems to dominate the smell

Can't we be somewhere a bit more pretty?
Like Mexico, Italy, France or Greece
Instead we're stuck on our streets so gritty
With a blaze of sirens, run of police

Hmmmm englishmen/women have heard it so many times but ENGLAND IS A HORRID COUNTRY. Well London is anyway. . . just too urban and boring. wish I lived back in Ireland or in the countryside *sigh*

Answer on Is England possibly the dullest place in the world? Could you c/c please?

England is definitely not the dullest place in the world.Saudi Arabia probably wins that prize. I think London is an exciting and interesting city to visit with centuries of history,art and culture.However, I don't think I would like to live there. If you crave the pastoral scene,then you could do no better than to visit "Deepest Darkest Darzet",especially at this time of year.The lush countryside and spectacular,rocky coastline on this part of the south coast will take your breath away and maybe inspire you in your wish to create imagery rich poems.
May I recommend to you the poetry of William Barnes 1801--1886.
He wrote beautiful poems in the Dorset dialect.Great fun to read and full of wonderful observation and imagery.