Thursday, October 21, 2004

Could Maria Montessori be considered a hispanic person?

i understand that she is from Italy...but didn't the Latin language begin in Rome, Italy? doesn't that make Maria Montessori a Latina?? Could she b considered a hispanic? i want to write an essay on her, but the topic of my essay has to be on a hispanic person, could i write it about her????
thnx sOo much!...i would appreciate ANY help that i can get!!!..

Answer on Could Maria Montessori be considered a hispanic person?

Maria Montessori is not hispanic. My mom is a Director in one of the Montessori schools and we had to look for all kinds of information about her. Montessori is originally from Italy. Hispanic and Latin is not the same thing. Latin comes from the ancestors of Italy, Rome and Spaniards in Europe. Thats why Spaniards are not considered hispanics, they are European. Hispanics are roots of a mixture races of African, Native Indians and European from Spain, but not what people will call a " pure european breed". So, please look up more information from biographies of people instead of giving false information.