Tuesday, September 7, 2004

Urg. Messed up family?

My mom us waaay overprotectant of me. I'm 13. I know I am young and all, but still. I know "it's because she loves me." She never let's me do anything like hanging out with friends or going to the movies. All she ever cares and talks about is basketball. I play travel and she GROUNDS me when I have a bad day. She expects me to be the star and do everything perfect. I tell her that no ones perfect and everyone has bad days, but she doesn't listen. I missed going to see Insidious tonight because I had a bad game today :/
I'm sick and tired of her. She makes basketball more important than school and she sends me to this retarded private school that I hate. She never listens to me. I tell her I want to switch schools, she says I'm staying there and then she starts complaining about how she doesn't want to work to pay for this school. If I get a bad grade in school, she says that it's okay as long as I keep slamming baskets. She encourages me to flirt with guys when I'm not allowed to date. I can't have a Facebook. And one of the most annoying parts of it is that my mom always thinks everyone is against me, like people are avoiding passing to me, and she always blames my mistakes on someone else, like "oh! ____ didn't look when you passed it to her. It's her fault!", and she always thinks the negative, most stupidest things. . And to put the cherry on top of the sundae, my father drinks and smokes everyday and is never home.
What should I say to my parents??
I'm tired of it.

Answer on Urg. Messed up family?

I'm sorry about your situation, but you're stuck with it. Just be glad of what you do have, and the rest will come into place when the time is right!