Thursday, August 5, 2004

Cheap accommodation in Torino, Italy?

Does anyone know any good youth hostel or anything cheap (below 10 euros) in Torino? We're a groups of 9 students willing to visit Torino this April, so please help us, thanks :)

Answer on Cheap accommodation in Torino, Italy?

I am also not sure about your such low budget. at least you have to spend 40-50 euro to book hotels
But I can suggest you something different
Go to above site and become a member there, Free sign up, then you will get $15 sign up bonus. then after activate your account invite 25 your friends . then you can get another $ 25 . then all together you can find $40 savings to your budget. There are some coupons on the internet from this company where you can get more $ 5, $10 or even $20.
Then you can stay good hotel than basic hostel. Try it. I am sure with your group of people, you can save more on your hotel booking