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Why do most people think the side that lost in battles and wars where easily defeated and slaughtered?

I notice that most people think that in major battles or wars such as Dien Bien Phu and the 1st Punic War the winning side easily won the battle and easily slaughtered and defeated the enemy.Why is this?In reality these battles were close battles were the victors nearly lost!Here are examples:
1)Dien Bien Phu
Most people thinks that the Vietnamese easily slaughtered the French and suffered very little casualties and easily won the bettl.In reality Vietnamese casualties were much heavier than the French!For example the Vietnamese dead in DBP were 3X the numbers of the overall French forces!Also the vast majority of the VIetnamese wounded died afterward!In fact Giap almost lost the battle. because Vietnamese forces' morale nearly collapsed and the Vietnamese army were so afraid after seeing so many VIetnamese dead that they would have deserted if Giap hadn't ordered brutal shootings of deserters!
2)The First Punic War
Most people think the Romans easily defeated the Carthiginians in the first part of the Punic Wars.In reality Rome NEARLY LOST the First Punic War!To begin with,at the start of the war,the Romans were losing because the Carthiginians had a powerful armada and the Romans did not have have an adequate Navy.It was only in the middle of the first Punic War that the tides turned as the Romans found a Carthiginian ship remains that went to the shores of Italy.The Romans then got Greek scientists to learn the designs of the ship and went on to build an armada as equally large and powerful as the Carthiginian Navy.The Romans thus began winning at sea,turning the tides of the war by allowing ROman troops to easily get supplied in Carthiginian territory without feat of Carthiginians attacking Roman ships and also preventing the Carthiginian Navy to attack Roman land forces as the Roman navy crushed the Carthiginian Navy.Then just as it seemed like they were surely going to win the first Punic War,a big storm came and literally destroyed the entire Roman armada.The Carthiginians then began taking the edge in the war again,taking back territories the Roman conquered and cutting supplies from Roman land forces while harassing the Roman land forces at the same time.THe Romans then gambled all the remaining money they had to build another ROman armada to hopefully destroy the Carthiginian Navy and win the war.The gamble was worth it as the ROmans emerged as victors,destroying the Carthiginian Navy and gaining new territory Carthige once owned.By the time the first Punic War ended Rome was nearly bankrupt and had spent almost her entire budget on the war.
3)The Russo Japanese War
This is another war were most people think the victors won easily and the losers were easily slaughtered.In reality the war was a close one like the first Punic Wars!Unlike what most people think,the Japanese army were not far more advanced than the Russian army nor were the Russian navy outdated compared to the Japanese Navy.Unlike what most people think,Japan did not win every battle in the war.In reality most battles fought in the Russo Japanese wars ended as stalemates or if one side won,as very close battles!For example on the land battles,it was very much like World War 1,Trench warfare.Japanese and Russian soldiers would spend months in trenches,carrying out attacks to take enemy territory only to be beaten back and lose so many of their troops.When the Japanese attemtped to attack the fortified Russian bases,they were pushed back,losing thousands and thousands of men.The Japanese were only able to take the major Russian forts when the Russian people got weary of the wear and began to end their support for the war.Even when they began emerging as victors,it took entire months for the Japanese to take even one major forts and they were losing thousands of men in the process as they charged at the Russians.Russians soldiers,in their defensive positions, were stoic and tough,driving back Japanese attack numerous times and slaughtering thousands in the process.

The Japanese didn't win in the naval side of the battle easily either.The Japanese Navy lost so many of their ships in the major battle and the Russians proved to be skilled opponents at sea.Near the end of th ewar the Japanese Navy was already near complete exhaustions of ships and troops.

The war was draining so much of Japan's wealth and treasury that Japanese politicians decided to stop the war and make negotiations(which Roosevelt monitored) with Russian leaders.By the end of the war Japan was nearly bankrupt.

Why do most people think the side that lost in major battles and wars were easily defeated and slaughtered?

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