Tuesday, July 13, 2004

What are some natural remedies and diet tips for my cat's kidney disease?

My cat, 6 yrs old, could possibly have kidney failure (it might be a bladder infection but I won't find out for another 2 weeks after antibiotics); he's still energetic and doesn't show any signs of illness. Ironically I have kidney disease as well and am using natural remedies like dandelion root tea and other herbs. Wheatgrass has also improved my health a lot. I am wondering these herbs would apply to cats as well?

Does anyone have any suggestions for diet (should it be homemade)? I've been doing research and they all say low salt, but some sites say good high quality protein while others say low protein. And should I stop using the chemical Frontline (flea medicine) on my cat?

Also, where on my cat are his kidneys located?


Answer on What are some natural remedies and diet tips for my cat's kidney disease?

First off...the kidneys are located just past the send of the rib cage on both sides...the right kidney is slightly closer to the front of the cat. Frontline Plus doesn't go into the animals system, so it will have no effects on the kidneys...so don't stop using it. I wouldn't reccomend any "natural remedies" without consulting your vet...cats and people can very different recations to plants...and a lot of plats can be nephrotoxic (toxic to the kidneys) in cats!

A diet wont help kidney failure until bloodwork confirms Azotemia...this means the that BUN and CREATINIE are elevated. So unless this has been confirmed by your vet, changing the diet wont help. However, if Azotemia is confirmed, then a low protein/low phospherous diet is highly recomended. The protein that is in the kidney diets is a high quality one. Several brands make kidney diets.... Purina NF, Royal Canin/IVD modified....Hill's K/D..... Royal Canin Renal LP..... However, they are by prescription only, so you have to get them from your vet. If you are interested in making your own diet, you can contact UC Davis, and for a small fee, they will formulate a diet you can cook at home specificaly for your cats needs....

I'm not sure why its going to take so long to confirm that your cat has kidney disease...a simple blood test should confirm if the kidney values are normal or not.

Good Luck!



Teachers overseas?

we all know the the military has bases over seas, ie Germany, Italy...and so on. Military bases need personnel, apart from the active duty, right?

Military bases have the works; malls, homes, and schools.

how does the miltary get teachers to teach children of active duty that is stationed overseas?

Answer on Teachers overseas?

I don't mean to sound negative but with so many bases closing down in the last decade, the established teachers with the Department of Defense have had to look elsewhere for teaching positions. They are still taking applications as far as I know but any positions that exist will get filled by transfer most likely.
You need to visit the source that supplies the bases with teachers:

Can anyone help me with a saint project for saint ambrose the camaldulian?

There are 5 things we need to know:
1. childhood
2. events leading up to sainthood.
3. Are they a patron saint and for what cause do they intercede?
4. Who canonized them and when?
5. When is their feast day and how is it celebrated in Italy?
Please if someone could help me with these questions

Answer on Can anyone help me with a saint project for saint ambrose the camaldulian?

Hi, you can go to the following websites for help:


Good luck! :)