Saturday, July 10, 2004

Hairstyles and makeup ideas!!!!!!!!!!!! PICTURES PLEASE!?

My haircut lookes a lot like this:…

I would love some CUTE! hairstyles to do and pictures would be so GREAT!! :)

My hair is a bit of a lighter shade that Selena's
My eyes are the same colour as hers.
My skin is a similar colour too but maybe more taned.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Answer on Hairstyles and makeup ideas!!!!!!!!!!!! PICTURES PLEASE!?

Maybe you can give yourself virtual makeover. Pick your face hair, and more. That's how you know what kind of style you want. Go to When you pick the makeup, it has it on the left side that you can buy that product.

Can any of you help research my family history?

All I know is that my dad is from misspssippi and my mom is from bermuda. my mom told me I was Irish and Bermudian. I was born in Italy. The farthest back that my dad went is that his grandparents were slavs. But I dont know from where. My grandma on my mom's side is Indian but I dont know from what tribe. My grandparents on my dad's side are dead. And so is my grandpa on my mom's side.

Answer on Can any of you help research my family history?

I can tell you where the shovels are, but you'd have to dig for yourself. In your case, you should ask your grandmother who is still alive about her late husband, his parents, her parents and her grandparents.

None of those lines you mentioned are good ones, genealogically speaking. The best ones in this country are from New England - stone churches and accurate record-keeping. The Irish didn't keep records very well, Bermuda means extra postage and some slaves didn't even have last names until 1863.

The largest LDS church in your county should have a Family History Center. It may have a CD of Freedman's Bank Records, or be able to borrow it. That would be a place to start for the former slaves.