Monday, June 28, 2004

A girl said she hates me but i like her...?

There's this one girl I like in school but on Facebook she said she hates me and that i'm ugly but so many other girls in my school have a crush on me and she's the only one in the whole school that I like I don't know what to do I love her but i'm too shy to come close to her...please help me I don't know what to do...does she hate me or is she just doing that because girls say that and be mean to you if they like you? My parents are saying that I should leave her alone and my friend says time will solve everything...but now the whole school knows and it was like an atomic bomb when it got spread around... :(

Answer on A girl said she hates me but i like her...?

ha, don't take what she says personal that's her way of flirting with you,next time she flings insults at you throw them back at her. I guaranteed she will enjoy fighting with you