Tuesday, June 15, 2004

American teens can you please tell me how your favorite celebrities are going to save you?

How is your lady gaga, eminem, katy perry, 50 cent, kanye west, justin bieber, usher, miley cyrus, rihanna, the whole entire caste of glee and any other MTV gods that you worship. How are they going to save you when my country and her ally China come and help you rebuild your economy after you fail to repay us what you owe?



Remember what my country did to Afghanistan? Now it's nothing but ruins and we will do the same thing to you because the Red Alliance is coming. You think we die out in Russia? No think again our ally China revived us we. We don't need your capitalism anymore it's proven that it's not working and your democracy is nothing but a sham that promote popular overrated mainstream stuff like your celebrity worship for example. How are your big mtv heroes going to save you when we come and help you rebuild your economy?

Bonus question

How does it feels to know that I am living in your land, eating your foods, and using your freedom of speech against you even now? Haha feels good doesn't it. But of course you wouldn't care because all you american teens care about are getting pregnant or impregnating and listening to your MTV superstars I bet you don't even know politics all you know are people in your tv shows and music videos that's all you know.

Answer on American teens can you please tell me how your favorite celebrities are going to save you?

that's really ****** up .
not all american teens are shoved up some celebrities *** , & are obsessed with MTV .
some teens actually are involved in sports like me for example , I'm a varsity cheerleader for football & basketball , & i play varsity soccer .

& it's not like some girls plan on getting pregnant , it may be gods plan to impregnate a teenager .

& I'm pretty sure a good many teens know politics .
yeah i may not be interested in but i sure as hell know what the **** is going on in the world .