Wednesday, May 5, 2004

Immigration or integration? That is the question..?

This whole immigration question is really just disquised racisim.

Both the government and corporations act as if mexicans have some sort of learning disability concerning english...people from Russia/cambodia/etc move here and in 2 years are citizens, own a business and SPEAK ENGLISH (cause they have too!)

Everytime I hear "for spanish press 2", I think it's really the corporations way of saying..DON'T LEARN, DON'T INTEGRATE, DON'T MOVE UP. Believe me if I moved to Italy and didn't have to learn Italian, I probally wouldn't.

Americans love immigration, we have struggled in the 60's with integration, now all of the sudden the governement and leaders of the mexican immegration movement want a special catagory for this group to pigion hole them cause they are different?

Ask a African American about what that caused in the past.

Time for the Spainish people to step up and ignore their so called leaders and the governement, and become americans....we all did.

Answer on Immigration or integration? That is the question..?

I agree.Maybe instead of marching in the streets they should have all showed up at INS and asked for permanent resident status or citizenship.Now that would have been a demonstration.