Monday, May 3, 2004

17 year old male in need of some workout advice?

Workout plan for a 17 year old?
Ok, basically I want an effective home workout plan that would give me some sort of results as quick as possible(I'm not talking ripped, just some toned muscles and body fat loss). I'm 17, just under 6 foot 2. I own an crosstrainer and a set of weights(two small bars, one long bar with (individual)6x 5 pound weight, 4x 2 and a half pound wieghts). Going to the gym is out of question for various reasons, so I am looking for a home workout. I weigh 157 pounds, and have a small stomach and slight man boobs. I've just started using the crosstrainer for about 30minutes a night, burning about 200 calories each time(should i be burning alot more in that time?). I was wondering if anyone would be able to give me some sort of coherent workout plan that is easy to follow and would allow me to lose fat while building muscles. Thanks a lot! I really appreciate it!

Ps.if anyone can specify how much the average 17 year old can curl(who does not go to the gym) etc i cannot do 30 pounds on one arm as it feels like it's ripping the muscle(literally) which i presume is extremely bad for my age?

feel free to abuse i wont bother reading ;)

Answer on 17 year old male in need of some workout advice?

Your young and you can easily get into shape. let me start by saying the numbers you lift do not matter. What matters is how effectively and healthfully you fatigue your muscles.

I couldn't understand what size weights you have so i wont list any numbers. But follow this routine in this order and you'll definately get into shape. In parenthesis is the muscle group it works.

Jumping jacks, proper form, for 1 minute to get body warm. Medium pace.
you'll then repeat this workout for 3 sets-Set 2 should be a challenge and set 3 should be a struggle.
25 pushups(upper body)-If this is too many, try 10 each set. You should be struggling with them in set 2 and 3.
barbell/dumbbell(whichever you have) curls 8 times(biceps)
overhead press(using barbells/dumbells) 8 times(shoulders, upper back)
25 sit ups/crunches(abs)
30 seconds of Planks(Abs)
Walking Lunges, holding dumbbells by your side 8 times per leg (legs)
One of these two:
Squats, barbell on shoulders
or Goblet squats holding dumbbell at chest height. 8 times

6 inches for 30 seconds

Repeat this 3 times and then get on your cross trainer.
Do not think that because the machine told you you burnt 200 calories, that you actually did. That number is merely an appropriate calculation using several equations and such. It is not exact and can be very misleading.

Run on your cross trainer for 20 minutes and be sure to cool down and stretch.
I guarentee you will get into shape.
The good thing about this workout is, once things start getting easier, you can add weight and reps.
If you dont struggle to finish your pushups, do more.
Concentrate each muscle group everytime you use it.

Also increase the amount of protein you intake, maybe purchase some health bars. Eliminate soda as much as possible. Eat healthy foods and drink plenty of water.
If you don't know what some of these exercises are, look them up on internet.
Also, pick up a mens health/or fitness magazine, they are full of great exercise ideas and health tips.

Research the terms and the muscle group associated with them on the internet(google) if you dont know them