Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Confused. com about this :(?

me and my ex have been broken up 3 months now, but we've seen each other twice, and decided when im 18 we'll get back together :) the age issue was why we broke up in the first place. He texted me on monday saying he missed me, but then didnt reply back :/ he wrote on my wall on facebook last night, saying angel cake <3 (which is my nickname ) DVD soon? :D <3 xxx'' i wrote back about 12 o clock at night, what i said was pretty quirky and was about finding Nemo, ( long story ) but i check this morning and he hasnt written back, but has to this girl who said hiii you out this weekend?! plus he posted a status and is replying to comments on that?! this kinda hurts am i that unimportant?! i mean maybe he is just killing time before we get back together? because im not 18 until july, which is three months away :/ or am i just being naiive? i mean if he thought i was a priority he would write back right?! ive seen him carry on long conversations with other girls before even when they say something not worth replying too ;/ what i wrote wasnt long at all though :/ it wasnt really something to reply back to i guess, but that never used to bother him? :( but i mean he did contact me first? i just dont get it, is he making the most of single while he can?! thanks for any responeses :)!

Answer on Confused.com about this :(?

well i duuno the reason u broke up so can't say much but the thing with boys is that they are very strange. sometimes when they say things that they don't mean. According to ur guy i would say he wants to keep u hanging on and yet deal with other girls.I don't think he will get back with u when ur 18 if he is already with someone by now. Generally guys that have contacts with multiple girls are never single in most cases. It could also be that he is confused himself or maybe he's just plain playing with ur mind. Try this when he replies or says anything just don't reply back ignore him for a while. If he actually cares i'm sure he'll call or txt or at least try to see u. Well i hope everything works out well for u. Ur still very young don't stick to one guy find someone who cares and i'm sure u will. Good luck :)