Friday, March 5, 2004

Has anybody done the Rosemary Conley Diet?

I've just brought the "Amazing Inch Loss Diet Plan" and i'm really excited about it. Has anybody done it and if so, how much weight did you lose, and inches of hips, bums etc.

Let me know thanks

Answer on Has anybody done the Rosemary Conley Diet?

I enrolled with a Rosemary Conley Diet group years ago when diagnosed with Insulin dependant diabetes.
My normal weight was always around 7.5 stone I then went down to 6 stone prior to diagnosis, then once on insulin shot up to 10 stone - at only 5' with a tiny frame I felt awful.
I contacted the class leader to enquire if I was suitable to enrol because of my condition, she really helped me and I quickly learnt what I could and could not do.
Years on, (about 15 in fact), I always stick to the 4g of fat per 100g - and am still only 7.5 stone.
I run once or twice a week, this is a real calorie burner and tones you nicely.
Good Luck - Mary Bristol