Thursday, February 26, 2004

I have just started a new exercise routine and new healthy diet , but my muscles are quite sore . ?

So i have known for quite some time tha ti needed to get healthy , butbut after going to the doctor a few weeks ago he said i was 9 kilos over weight he said just try loose it over the next year but i didnt really want to do anything about it because i had more to deal with . Now i realise my health is one of the most important things . I have recently (today is day 3) started walking for 35 minutes in the morning with a lot of uphill walking . Walking to and from work everyday which is 15 minutes each way through grass . Then when i get home I jog for 15 minutes briskly walk for twenty and jog around the last 600m home around another 5-8 mnutes . I strecth before and after my morning and evening walk/jog . Along with this i have started to get up at 6am , have some fruit ,go for the morning walk , come home and have breakfast of porridge and fruit or toast (no butter) and an egg white . For lunch i'll have something light like a salad , sushi , wholemeal sandwich , small bowl of pasta . Then for dinner ill have something like a small portion of rice and some steamed vegies ... I am already seeing results , my dresses are looser already , but I am thinking it is just water retention . This is all great but my muscles ARE KILLING ME , its worth it just ... Does anyone have any solutions to muscle aches , like special bath salts , or a cream , special massage . Thank you so much guys .

Jess x

Answer on I have just started a new exercise routine and new healthy diet , but my muscles are quite sore . ?

First off I would like to say that it is refreshing that you are being proactive about your health and I wish you the best of luck.

What you are experiencing is actually called Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS). DOMS usually occurs about two to three days after a sedentary individual exercises. Some trainers recommend taking NSAIDS or ibuprofen. I would agree with that, but I would also drink plenty of water to hydrate myself and make sure that I get plenty of potassium and calcium in my diet. What I do is take calcium supplements, a multivitamin, eat properly, and drink plenty of water.

It looks like you may need to take a calcium supplement by looking at what you are eating. Potassium and calcium are essential for muscles to function properly. If you have ever had a muscle cramp, it is due to the fact that the muscle cells are low on or out of calcium for proper communication of the nerves and muscles to take place. Muscle cramps usually occur after exercising and DOMS begins. The soreness will eventually become less as the days go on. You should be a little sore after exercising because it lets you know that you are accomplishing something or giving your muscles a workout.

The recommended daily allowance for calcium is based on your sex and age, so, I would recommend that you do a little research on your calcium allowances. Calcium can be found in foods such as dairy products and yogurts. A good food source for potassium is bananas. An inexpensive calcium supplement is TUMS. Their main ingredient is calcium carbonate. Calcium carbonate should be taken with food. Their is a better more costly calcium supplement that does not need to be taken with food. It is called calcium citrate. You can also drink a sports drink after you exercise to replenish your electrolytes which are also important for muscle function. Usually drinking plenty of water and your diet covers your electrolytes. If you do intense workouts though, a sports drink will not hurt you.

I hope this helps you a little.