Saturday, January 31, 2004

How do I calm my obsession with Justin Bieber?

I love Justin Bieber, I first spotted him on MTV with his one time vid back in January (that was when he started to get big in the UK and here in Ireland we're I live (we mostly get uk media here)), originally I thought they were two twins singing for some reason. I thought those guys are hot, so I kept an eye out for the vid again on MTV, I then got the name Justin Bieber, so I googled him and saved a load of pictures of him onto my ipod and laptop, I then started looking up you tube vids of him and gradually learned who he was! I fell in love with him! I then followed him on twitter and began "stalking him" on it! I then discovered through you tube that he used ustream, so I googled that and found out what it is, then I started watching videos of teen girls talking about Justin Bieber, Sigh! I then started yearning to see and be with Justin Bieber! I've got all of his music, to be honest his music isn't my favourite, I'm more into Florence and the machine and Tinie Tempahs stuff, but Justin's sexiness and charm sells the whole Bieber thing to me! Because of his level of fame, I have glorified him and I believe he is the most famous person in the world and because of this I really want to go to see him in concert to see if that will cure my "Bieber Fever"???

I am a 19 year old guy, (please stay with me, ha ha I know I'm 19 ok ok!), his dates for Ireland are coming out tommorow or during the week, and I want to book up to go see him, but I'm afraid to tell my mum that I want to go see him, like what will she think of me, cause I don't think it's normal for a 19 year old guy to go to a JB concert, is it? Will I loose my dignity, I thought it was only little girls that go and see him, my mum might laugh at me and think that I'm stupid??? What should I do?

I also notice that alot of people "dislike" Justin Bieber, is there away to join the "hate club" and get rid of my feelings for and sexual attraction to Justin Bieber? Dare I say it, ...I just feel that I have to like Justin Bieber, even at times I think to myself this music is really wishy-washy, and it's all a bit of a cliche a voice tells me inside my head, but then another voice tells me "no dude, this is Justin Bieber of all people, he's "bigger than Jesus", you have no choice you have to like him, he's sexy and I think that I will get depressed if I try to not like him", It's like im too scared to take that leap over to the "hate club"! Then sometimes I get depressed thinking about JB because I can't have him! I don't know what to do, should I go to his concert? I need to cure my "Bieber Fever", what do I do? I'm gonna go to London soon, and France maybe some travelling will take my mind of it! I'm sorry I just had to get all this out of my head, and I thought YA! would be a good place to vent! I appreciate the time you take to answer me! thnx

Answer on How do I calm my obsession with Justin Bieber?

talk to a therapist