Sunday, January 18, 2004

Canine chronic pancreatitis diet?


I don't know whether to buy the prescription food from the vet or just cook my dog homemade meals.. I'm worried she won't be getting adequate vitamins or whatever. Does anyone have any recipes suitable for a dog with chronic pancreatitis?


Answer on Canine chronic pancreatitis diet?

here is a site that has information about the two types of pancreatitis plus recipes for homecooking…
there are other sites within this site that will give you more information

the recipes call for calcium ... I cook for my dog and this is where I get my calcium…
you can make your own calcium from ground up eggshells, but i find it so much easier
to purchase it this way

this is another place that has much information in it
you just type in what you are looking for…

sending a big hug for your girl !