Monday, April 5, 2004

The Ab Diet (book)?

I just bought this book and I'm HOOKED! The information in there is extremely valuable and I've been preaching it all week (lol). I want to order the recipe book from Amazon, however, I wanted to know if anyone out there has done this diet before. (Women in particular) I have a hard time sticking to any type of diet so I want to get as much feedback as possible. Also, I want to know if it would be ok to substitue dinner with a smoothie. I'm guessing it is, but I want to know if anyone has done this. I understand that one of the most important things about this plan is nutrition. Any feedback would be GREATLY appreciated.

Thanks :)

Answer on The Ab Diet (book)?

It is definitely a good program. The key to this (like any diet) is making sure you stick to it!

One problem I have is that after a while I get sick of doing the same exercises over and over. You may want to explore some other exercises as well to change it up and give your total body more of a workout.

A great place to start is:

They even have exercises you can do while you watch tv!