Monday, December 8, 2003

Accommodations in Italy?

I have a whole report on italy due tomorrow and i need help with this one thing if you have any good websites that will help me please put them down.... this project is REALLY big!!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!

Answer on Accommodations in Italy?

I live in Italy and use to find accomodations when I'm traveling within the country. You can use this site to narrow down a search to a specific area within a given city, sort by price, rating or other criteria and see reviews by people who have been guests in the past. There are lots of other sites that are equivalent.

You might also be interested in a accomodations at a convent or monastery in Italy. These tend to be some of the best lodging bargains available. There are a number of them in Rome. In some places in Italy, a monestary stay may be free. see:… or… for information.

Ot there are rental villas. An example of a site is:

Is there something specific that you're looking for?