Thursday, November 27, 2003

How can I lose 60lbs in 90 days?

I stand 5'11 and I weigh 244lbs. I need to get down to 170lbs. I only have 3 months to pull it off. Can anyone out there give me some advice on how to lose this weight quickly. I don't want to hear about how dangerous it is to lose weight fast. I don't care at this point, I just want this weight gone. Any tips on low calorie veggie menus or diet shakes, with all of the vitamins and minerals my body needs.

Answer on How can I lose 60lbs in 90 days?

Hi My Friend,
The answer is no , you can not..But You will accomplish this and you can also go to what ever it is in three months feeling "GOOD" about yourself" ONE condition, you listen to me and call any time 913-269-1644 Heidi

I know you and as the truth be told you cannot do this! Here is my tip, Get up early, start a schedule that fits your needs. ..Walk a small amount and walk further day after day.Not too far, enough to know you have accomplished a "walk".. Stay away from fat foods all together.It is hard, bitterer are foods that are good for us taste great and subside our hunger..One way to feel satisfied is to slice up some bananas and grapes, put them in the freezer..They are a great snack, because you slowly eat them, while your body melts them away..Add them to some fat free Ice cream..This is an emergency sweet tooth..Breakfast, have a bagel, with low fat cream cheese..fat free is awe full...Drink OJ with this of course.
Lunch...SALAD.A salad is not boring, add lettuce,onions, tomatoes, fat free cheese, Fat free or low fat cottage cheese., fat free turkey, ham and some croutons with fat free dressing..All you want,,Is an incredible lunch and it feels you up..Always keep some saltines, in between, just in case you get hungry between meals..Slowly eat them. The faster you eat anything, the more hungry your are...
I know this is hard to do, I seldom do this and if you do this tomorrow, tell me..WALK! It sounds nice, i tell myself everyday i'm getting up early and taking a run,,"used to running: this never happens, because I am lazy..If you do not want to attend this because you feel inferior, than make an excuse...No Excuse every time, this is a pass from me!
Vitamins and Minerals are good for our body's, we all should be taking a vitamins on a daily basis..No One is going to be able to give the answer you want to hear and I am so sorry, this is real, real for you..why?n you finally asked someone, someone that was in the same shape you are right now, and those pounds dropped quickly, within a few months...
You have been contemplating this for awhile, i know, i was the last minute we want a "miracle drug: That only gives you energy and has nothing to do with weight koss..Unless you have enough time to have surgery! You are not at the weight for that procedure nor do I condone this...I can help you to lose a few extra ands you do not like, but it will be the healthy way...Do it my way or you can die....I want to be your friend, you can talk to me anytime and I will be there for you..Let me know if you want me to help set up a plan for your, :the healthy way"
Your Friend,