Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Why do you hate Justin Bieber?

Please, I am SERIOUS. Don't reply with "He's gay" or "He's sounds like a girl" I just wanna really know why people hate him.

Answer on Why do you hate Justin Bieber?

I don't mean to offend none of you Bieber fans but it's you that make us hate him. I actually like the kid but the Beliebers are honestly annoying, which makes me not like him. I'm not jealous of him whatsoever, there is nothing to be jealous about. I come from a family with ALOT of money, I'm good looking, I got a girlfriend and she doesn't like him for the exact reasons that the girls are so annoying and are pretty much over stepping their boundaries. You'd think a TRUE fan after he didn't win that Grammy would be like "Oh you'll get it next time Bieber" But noooo you crazy fans trashed and hated on Esperanza for no other reason but that she won over him. You guys have sent death threats to 3 of the girls he's been seen with aka Kim K, Jasmine V, & Selena Gomez. I wouldn't be surprised if one day Bieber calls you guys out and tells you you guys aren't real fans. Also, I get the feeling one day or another a celeb is going to press charges on any person that is a Bieber fan that is threatening their life, because that is a crime. Who cares if your 10 - 17, if you know how to use Twitter then you obviously know harassing someone's life is a crime. Again, I don't hate Bieber I hate his crazy fans no if's and's or but's about it.