Sunday, November 16, 2003

Is this person a reputable breeder?

I am extremely interested in getting both a Shiba Inu and a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, so I have decided that the very best thing to do was to search for a breeder that was topnotch well in advance to me actually getting my puppies.

I am very knowledgeable about pet care in general. I plan to feed a raw meaty bone based diet to my dogs from day one. I will titer test to determine when I need to vaccinate my pets and will be very insistent on getting a holistic veterinarian who understands this. I will not vaccinate against anything without proven need. I am very insistent on socializing my dogs much more than what most people recommend. My dream is to be a professional dog trainer so you can bet that I'm also insistent on thorough, consistent training based in positive reinforcement.

So now that you see I am definately very committed to responsible ownership I feel comfortable politely asking you if you can evaluate the following breeder. I feel like I am just not thorough enough to do this all by myself. Even if I have a reputable breeder's checklist in front of me! So here is the website:

Shiba Inu:

If you know of a reputable breeder of Shibas or PWC please do tell! I have been extremely picky thus far and that's why this is the only breeder listed! The breeder listed above said they give a life time health guarantee and will take a Shiba back if I cannot provide for him/her. I could not find this on the website but I could find this on who listed them as a reputable breeder of Shibas. They also take Shibas from owners who cannot provide for them because they are also a rescue. Thank you for your time and advice in advance!

Answer on Is this person a reputable breeder?

A lifetime guarantee is pointless if they don't test their dogs
-ONE title out of the entire lot
-No health clearances
-They market the nonsense of "mini" shibas
-" health clearances from 2 local veternarians, " *buzzer sounds* OFA/PennHipp have to be sent off to be evaluated. CERF can only be done by an Ophthalmologist.
-Breeding far too often for them to be on top of the quality of animals they produce
- How can they claim to have show quality pups when they don't even appear to show their animals?
-They breed mutts
-10 to 1 their "rescue" is also lining their pockets
-Diet requirements always get under my skin.
-they have ads plastered all over the net on various sites
so that would be a big fat no