Tuesday, October 28, 2003

I have a few qeustions about walking.?

okay so first i guess you should know that i have been walking for about 2 hours or more for the last two weeks, and today i couldnt walk ( i evantually did for 30 minutes waiting for my luandry), anyways i was getting cranky and mean, an i think it was cuase i hadnt walked all day is that normal?
and also will i start loosing wieght becuase actually gained two pounds?
( i also do 50 situps 15 pushups and 50 jumping jacks.) and my diet is 1800 calories and no soda, or prosessed sweets.

oh and i am 220 pounds and 5'6.5

Answer on I have a few qeustions about walking.?

This should really be on the health or exercise or fitness pages - not on books and authors. All the people on this site do is turn pages......