Tuesday, October 21, 2003

How to get to Malta from Italy?

I'm in Venice. Are there any cruise ships to Malta? Or should I go to south to Reggio Di Calabria and take a ship? I know how to get anywhere with trains, but not with ships. I cant even find the port.

Answer on How to get to Malta from Italy?

It's a long way to Malta by boat from Venice. Your best bet is to fly. Ryanair has budget flights from the Treviso airport to Malta. On the date I checked - 25 Jun 09 to Malta a flight to Malta is currently available for 27.78 euro including all taxes and fees. Most of the time it's likely to be more since the quoted airfare was zero euro - you only pay the taxes & fees. http://www.bookryanair.com/SkySales/FRSe…

There are ferries to Malta from Sicily, but that's a long train ride from Venice. Have you visited the Biennale yet? There are some interesting exhibits this year.