Saturday, August 23, 2003

How to lower my BODY FAT %?

I had my body fat checked the other day at my gym and it was a lot higher than i thought. First of all i am 5'4: 110 lbs : and i have been running and doing strength training 4-5 days a week for about 5 months now. At home we have scales that tell you an estimate of what your body fat % is. When i first started working out the scales showed around 21% recently on the scales it's showing around 18%. My body fat was 27 whenever i had it checked at the gym. That seemed really high to me and also the personal trainer who did it. Before i had it checked tho i had drank 2 bottles of water, could this have something to do with it? If anyone has any suggestions on how i can lower this in detail i would greatly appreciate it!
Thank You!

Answer on How to lower my BODY FAT %?

Water wouldn't affect it all but in order to lose fat you need to increase your amount of protein, get at least some type of protein in every meal you eat. Protein will help make sure you burn fat and not muscle when you are trying to lose. Eating frequently and healthy clean foods will help. Also do not skip meals at all and make sure you are getting enough calories also, eating too little will cause your body to eat muscle and keep the fat therefore making you have more body fat and for exercise you need to do cardio at least 30 minutes of it and strength training every other day. you NEED to do strength training because it will help you gain lean muscle and help burn fat and cardio will help burn the fat, SO. Eat enough calories, cardio for 30 minutes, strength training every other day and get protein in every meal and you will lower your body fat.