Saturday, July 12, 2003

Should I dorm with an international student from Taiwan?

I've been looking for a roommate for college next year, and the college I'm going to has an online service where you can choose your roommate, and they show you their email/facebook so you can get to know them. So I've been adding a lot of people on facebook to see who would like to be my roommate, and sending messages to get to know them.
I've sent out at least 10 messages, and so far about 5 people have responded: 2 decided to go to a different college, one girl isn't interested in a roommate, one girl is pretty nice but not completely sure if she'll live on campus, and one girl is from Taiwan.
So far, the girl from Taiwan has been the nicest and seems most excited about getting to know me and getting a roommate, and she is sure about her living situation. I've always loved Asian culture, and I think rooming with her would be really cool. However, if I were to room with her, I wouldn't be able to live in the engineering hall (I'm majoring in computer science). My parents seem to think it would be nice to know her, but weird to live with her. I've always been more interested in other cultures than my parents, though, so I'm only half listening to them. :P

So, what do you guys think I should do? Do you have any experiences with international students? Thanks for yout input!

Answer on Should I dorm with an international student from Taiwan?

Well I'm sure international students are like any other human being of any other race. Don't worry shes not an alien in disguise