Monday, July 7, 2003

Help with a name for faction in Rome in the 1400s?

Can anyone help out with Italian names? Or names in general?
I'm writing a story that takes place in the 1400s in Rome against two factions. I have most of the names, places, and plot step up but I've hit a road block after a few hours of intense information gathering. If anyone could help me get out a name for the oppressive faction? Very wealthy and power hungry tyrants who firmly believe they are superior and aspire to have their influence reach across Italy. It has to be self satisfied and arrogant. Like, The Chosen Ones or something less cliche and crappy.

Also, if anyone has any names for a really unctuous and deceptive character with Italian or Latin origin?

Thanks so much! Woops, I posted this in the wrong place at first. Rough night.

Answer on Help with a name for faction in Rome in the 1400s?

At that time Rome was just coming out from the ruling of the "baroni"; the term barone just means "baron", but it's also used to describe a powerfull and rich person, who's used to impose he's will and authority (lecit or not) to the rabble, often in a ruthless way.
That span of time when Rome was in fact at the mercy of the baroni, was actually know as "Barons' time" or "Baronato"; so a possible name for a ruthless faction can be "i baroni", since you can assume they get inspired by their own recent past.