Sunday, July 6, 2003

What other health tests can i do? and how can i improve?

BMI - 24.4
Height - 173cm
Weight - 73KG
Heart Rate (Resting) - 74
Blood Pressure - 121/64
Strength (Grip Dynamometer) - 56KG
Lung Capacity - 520L/Min
Body Fat - 13%
Frame - Small (65MM)
6-7 Hours sleep, tends to be eratic, up to 12 hours
5+ hours per day on computer/games
poor diet, pizza, cheese, chocolate, fizzy and energy drinks mostly, with roughly 4-10 beers on a saturday
tendancy to skip breakfast, lots of sugar and caffine intake
Little exercise however i normaly mass up over 20k steps of a saturday, and around 7k most weekdays, very few on sundays

anyone suggestions on how i can improve my general health? and any other tests i could do? as i want to get fit and would like help, i have roughly 4 weeks before i go on holiday and any improvements that you could suggest would be good, i supose most improvements are for my diet, sleep and excercise regime, any ideas?

Thanks in Advance <3

Answer on What other health tests can i do? and how can i improve?

You know what to do really.
Read your post 'poor diet', 'fizzy and energy drinks mostly', 'lots of sugar and caffeine' aso.
You also need to relax, how many people can list all their health stats?
In spite of the poor diet you are just in the healthy weight range and your stats are good
The Mediterranean diet is a good one and easy to follow.

Polish up your eating habits, ditch the fizzy sugary drinks. If you don't do much you shouldn't lack energy. They are bad foor teeth.
If you do lack energy speak to your doctor.
I reckon you knew all that before I typed the first word.

Join a gym, get a bike, go swimming, do anything you enjoy doing.
Jogging is good.