Wednesday, July 2, 2003

Funny things to write on a Justin bieber shirt?

Me and my friends are making shirts for the Justin bieber movie because were going to see it tonight. What are some witty things I can write on my shirt because I don't really like Justin bieber? They don't have to be respectful but they do have to be witty.

Answer on Funny things to write on a Justin bieber shirt?

Uhhh.. heres some thoughts from songs :

"You do know your NOT my favorite girl.... right? " --Favorite Girl
"Your such a baby, baby,baby ohh" --Baby
"Justin Beaver, wheres your weener?" <--- LOL just kidding.. i love him :PP
"Justin Beaver" <-- I seen a shirt like thatt with a pic of him as a beaver but with the hair.
"Bieber means Beaver in (German I think ? )"
"Justin Bieber is the new King of Pop... (So he's michael?) "
"You say never say never, but you just said it twice"
"Hey Justin! Hey look! I'm in this seat!"

Hah fails but I like the last one LOL

*Edit : Ohh you could also write something on the back for instance...
Front : Justin Front : You said never say never...
Back : Beaver Back : But you just said it twice?
Front : This movie('s) (title) reminds me of a song...
Back : Something that goes like.. Never Say Never?