Friday, June 27, 2003

High blood pressure help?

am 20 years old i am getting treated for hbp it usually ranges 160 and my heart races like crazy this is usually in the doctors office so i think anxiety and stress play a role when it spikes i recently bought a home bp monitor i take my bp couple times a day its usually in its 120 over 60 and when am stressed its usually in high 130s the thing is am i been lightheaded every day for 3 months after i had a anxiety attack and went to the er but i didnt know what was anxiety then am just wondering is my bp causing lightheadedness or is it anxiety because my bp seems to be normal with out the medication but i still take it to play it safe but i feel that anxiety is causing all these crazy symptoms like numbness in different parts of body swaety palms a lil chest pain so it makes my more nervous since i have hbp but i been to the er for thsi numbness and thay said it was anxiety and i know it is and i made appointments for a councelor to fight my phobia of dying of a stroke just wondering if any advice and i had blood test and ct scan came out ok i have high choresterol but in thesse past 3 months i have been on a diet and so far i ve lost 45 pounds so mybey that causes my lightheadedness damm am even wearing my reading glasses to see iif that helps my lighheadedness.

Answer on High blood pressure help?

Since you have a BP machine do this.
Take your blood pressure first thing every morning just before you eat. Write it down and keep track of it and you'll be able to see the trends develop. The next time you see your regular doctor give him the list of BP's and then they will see your true BP instead of the "white coat syndrome" blood pressure.
And panic/anxiety attacks will play havoc on the blood pressure and nervous system. Good luck