Saturday, April 12, 2003

I am 13 and I want to loose a lot of weight and fast!?

I am 13 and 5' 2" and weigh 125 lbs and my stomach is huge!!!!! I want to get rid of it all and like by september before school. Next time I go to the store I am going to start the special K diet and eat tuna for lunch I know 125 lbs sounds like not a lot but I need weight lost tips big time now!!! I want to loose about 40 lbs so I get down to 80 lbs that would be nice because thats what I used to be when I was reallly skinny! I would love to get back down to my ideal weight and I want to get healthy and no I don't want to be aneroixic

Answer on I am 13 and I want to loose a lot of weight and fast!?

The ideal weight for a 5' 2" female is 106 - 130 lbs, give or take a couple. If you want to loose 20lbs, then that would be ok. If you loose 40lbs you will be underweight at your height. To be perfectly blunt, you would not be healthy at that weight. You would be underweight, and have an eating disorder. I know that's not what you want to hear, but that's the truth. Your current weight is ok, but like I said, if you want to loose no more than 20lbs, that would be ok.

Good luck. :)