Thursday, April 3, 2003

Does anyone make their pets food?

I have been reading alot about a raw food diet for dogs. I don't want to feed my dogs commercial pet food any more. I think it is not very good for them. Does anyone feed their dogs homemade dog food. If so, what, how much and what is the recipe. Any good resource on the subject. Thanks.

Answer on Does anyone make their pets food?

(First, it's "a lot", not "alot". Two words, not one ;-) )

Before you decide to take your dogs off commercial pet food "cold turkey", remember that these foods have been formulated to provide your dog with specific nutrients. For example, dogs require these amino acids:

* arginine
* histidine
* isoleucine
* leucine
* lysine
* methionine
* phenylalanine
* threonine
* tryptophan
* valine

They also require:


* Calcium (Ca)
* Phosphorus (P)
* Sodium (Na)
* Chloride (Cl)
* Potassium (K)
* Magnesium (Mg)

and micro-minerals:

* Iron (Fe)
* Zinc (Zn)
* Copper (Cu)
* Manganese (Mn)
* Selenium (Se)
* Iodine (I)

Deficiencies in any of these can cause a number of health problems, or even death.

If you can ensure making homemade food with the correct proportions of these essential nutrients - more power to you; however, most peoples' homes aren't equipped with the instruments necessary to measure these.

You're better off feeding your dogs the commercially available kibble that's been formulated and tested to conform to known and proven standards of canine nutrition.