Sunday, March 9, 2003

Who is more popular again: Drake or B. o.B?

A while back; a bunch of people in this section agreed that B.o.B has a larger fanbase, and more pull then Drake. Yeah, he has a song that peaked at #1 ("Nothin on you"), and #2 ("Airplanes"), but how the hell did you seriously think he had more juice then Drake?

As I predicted, here are the results:

B.o.B debut album: 86,000+ first week U.S sales (to date: 200,000+)
Drake debut album: 474,000+ first week U.S sales (just released!)

Drakes album takes a sh*t on B.o.B
lyrical ability in all. B.o.B isn't even a good lyricist, and I see some idiots say hes better? GTFO

Drakes singles:
Over peaked at #14 and is still in the top 40
Find your love peaked and currently is at #5
Miss Me peaked at #15

He even has 4 non-singles that charted on the Billboard Hot 100, and 2 other non-singles that charted on the US R&B chart.

Answer on Who is more popular again: Drake or B.o.B?

certainly drake is more popular than him.
as for which is better, both are mediocre as f*ck, neither better than the other.