Sunday, March 2, 2003

Can I go to the doctor by myself at 16?

I'm sixteen and I just need to go to the doctor by myself to talk about some stuff WITHOUT my parents. I've already started college, so I'm very independent and can drive myself and pay the copay for the visit and medications. I don't want to tell my parents because they would want to know WHY and the truth is that I just want to talk about weight loss medications and certain shots, pills, and other things that my parents would just flip out over. I KNOW that it may be easier to tell my parents, but believe me, it wouldn't be.
I just need to talk to this doctor by myself about several things (as a teenage girl starting college..hint hint) that my ultra-conservative parents just wouldn't understand.

I talked to a friend who said that I would need a signed (or in my case...forged) parental consent from and that I would need to change the patient contact info to my number (not my parents') and that I would just need to pay the copay for the visit and any medications that I might be prescriped, as long as the insurance was listed for all of us.

Does anyone know "for sure" what the requirements are? I live in Georgia, if that makes a difference.


Answer on Can I go to the doctor by myself at 16?

You can make an appointment and see the doctor yourself without your parents being involved. There may be certain cases where parental consent is required though but not to just see a doctor. You can get birth control pills without parents finding out in most states.

For laws concerning sexual issues, laws and minors this site may be helpful:

ETA: the commend above about that a doctor is forced to disclose information to your parents if they ask because you are a minor is not true. There are exceptions in some states for certain procedures like abortion but in general your doctor appointment is covered by confidentiality laws.