Sunday, December 1, 2002

Iphone 4 case? can you tell which case this is?

ok in this picture of Justin bieber, ignore that he's even in the picture, uck. but anyways, can you tell me what kind of case is on the iPhone 4? I know the pictures arent that good but can you tell? Its like a greenish color. who makes it? and do they have any other colors?…………

Answer on Iphone 4 case? can you tell which case this is?

go on to incase's website. mostly every color and style for cases

2-Month European Excursion?

My cousin/best friend, and a mutual friend are planning on doing a 2-month European excursion next summer after we all graduate from college.

We are thinking about doing the 22-country EuRail (2-months) and just adventuring through Europe, staying in hostels, and soaking it all in.

We NEED to visit the following: France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, and Germany. We will also be doing Britain, but that is separate from the EuRail.

Is this feasible for 2-months? 2 months is about 60 days, so we have about 7.5 days (mathematically) to spend in each country. How should this be split up (as in, we'll need more time in Italy as opposed to Norway).


Answer on 2-Month European Excursion?

Some of those countries are quite large. You need to do more research into where you want to go in those countries, and how you will travel there - bear in mind that Europe is approximately the same size as the continental United States, and the places you want to visit are really spread out. I think if you try to fit all that lot in, there won't be any 'soaking in' of anything, you'll just be so frantic!

You're going to have to make some serious decisions and take a few places off the list, that's all there is to it. Also, you need to look into overnight ferry services and verify whether your Eurail passes are valid on these services, they might not be.

When culling from your list of countries, you might want to consider summer temperatures in each country, as Spain, the south of France, Greece and Italy can be searingly hot during July and August, and in Italy many businesses simply close for the month of August for their annual holiday.

So get yourself down to your local library and start reading some real information guide books on the individual countries.