Sunday, November 17, 2002

Anyone had weight loss with contraceptive?

I am on Femodene since last year November, in the beginning it worked well for me. However now my boobs started leaking and I'm losing weight. I'm under a bit of stress as well and don't have that much of an appetite but do you think that the pill can add to my weight loss as well? Has anyone else experienced this? I'm not someone that can really afford to lose weight, as I am already a petite woman and don't gain weight so easily. Is there any pill that would help me with a bit of weight gain? Some say Marvelon or Yasmin?

Answer on Anyone had weight loss with contraceptive?

Some people lose weight, some maintain and some gain.

For me, I've always maintained, although lost weight due to exercise and diet.

In your case, I would think that it's because you've not been eating much, eat filling meals to ensure you're getting enough healthy calories per day.

One year in the usa?

Hi everybody! i'm a 24 years old girl from Venice, Italy.
I'm going to get a degree in foreign languages (soanish and english). I'm pretty fluent in spanish and i'd like ti imprive my english too. So, I am planning to spend one year in the USA but obviously when i'll be there i want to do something, I mean studying or working.
Do you know any course I could attend lasting some months or one year? I mean both english courses like "business english" etc and also courses that american people attend: i know master degrees last 2 years, what else could I do with my educational qualifications?or where should i look for such an information?
plus, do you know about any special job contracts for foreigner people that just want to stay there for one year or so?
i hope i have been clear enough...thank you!!!!

Answer on One year in the usa?

Disney World, Sea World and Universal Studios here in Orlando, FL all hire foreign students. You may want to check them out on the internet since you seem to have access to a computer and contact them to see what they can do for you.