Sunday, October 20, 2002

Daily routine to lose weight?

Hey im trying to lose some weight and hooefully get a slim body, can someone give me a daily exercise plan and diet all to do at home? I cant afford gym membership right now lol

Answer on Daily routine to lose weight?

assuming you don't have a treadmill.

first for your diet, eat anything but carbs and eat a chicken breast salad for dinner. eat lots of fruit and vegetables and never eat past 7pm. everytime you eat a meal, don't lay down, wait at least 30 minutes for your food to digest before laying down.

second, purchase a running shoe. a good one goes for around a hundred but are one of the best investments you can purchase on the market, i recommend the nike air series or new balance. go to the gym and they'll fit your feet. then at least 4-5 times a week go out and run for an hour or more. then you'll be good. just remember the key is to keep up at it. good luck