Tuesday, October 15, 2002

Rollin` on a diet!!! Need some recipes.(read details)?

I`m a vegetarian and i need some recipes. Any help? If you got nice certified organic recipes please tell them. If there just plain recipes thats okay to. Just no meat, k.

Answer on Rollin` on a diet!!! Need some recipes.(read details)?

There are tons of great vegetarian recipes on foodnetwork.com

Try some smoothies. Smoothies are actually suppose to be meal-replacers, so do drink them as a snack. Here is the BEST DIET SMOOTHIE with very few calories and is sweet w/o the sugar.

Low-Cal Banana Smoothie
1 banana
1/2 - 1 cup milk (try Borden's Skim Delight, it's skim milk but tastes like 2% b/c of the added vitamins and natural flavoring - its a life-saver!)
1/2 cup ice

*Blend ingredients together (in blender) until thick and creamy, and all ice is crushed. Add vanilla extract (and other fruit extracts) for a sweet twist. No yogurt is needed.

Since you're vegetarian, as am I, great snacks are pretzels, popcorn (low-butter, low-salt), yogurt, banana chips, fruit, etc.

Also, go to healthycookingwithcindy.com - DELICIOUS, DIET RECIPES created by Cindy Becker, Dr. Becker's wife. You'll find some delicious, creative salad recipes and more. :)

Good luck.