Monday, October 14, 2002

Met this guy on Omegle(kind of long)?

Okay so I know a lot of people say it's bad and there are pedophiles and everything but I love Omegle because I love talking to people from other countries, so usually I disconnect with people from here(lol) and end up talking to a lot of foreign people, as long as they don't want to cyber or anything like that. So, I met this guy from Italy, he's in his late twenties(I'm in my mid teens by the way) and added him on Yahoo! and we've been talking a lot ever since. He's really interesting to me, but nice also. By now I'm really attached to him and absolutely adore him. I told him I'd be studying near where he lives in a couple years and we talked about meeting. He's not a pervert or anything and doesn't go around looking for people to meet in real life he just wanted to improve his English. But I don't know. We really like eachother...Is that weird, to be friends with someone you've never met? Should I end up meeting him or break it off? The age difference is 13 years.

Answer on Met this guy on Omegle(kind of long)?

Just meet him in public! I met my best friend online and didn't meet her for almost 9 months and she lived several states away from me. Just do it! But meet in public.