Friday, October 4, 2002

Is Selena Gomez using Justin Bieber for her own fame?

OK, I'm not hating here, but just think about it- back in 2008 the Jonas Brothers became massive due to Camp Rock and she dates Nick. Then that blew over and out came Twilight's New Moon, so she dates Taylor Lautner. Then the biggest pop sensation Justin Bieber comes along and she starts dating him. I find it a little weird if I'm honest. I know she was in Wizards and Barney before all that but I think without these guys she wouldn't be where she is today. I'm sorry but she can't sing and she's not that great an actress (in my opinion). Also, she said about a year ago that Justin is like her "brother" and now she's dating him. I just think it's a little strange what does everyone else think? Don't hate on me this is just my opinion and I want to see what everyone else thinks.

BTW- I don't like Justin Bieber so trust me, it has nothing to do with jealousy!!

Answer on Is Selena Gomez using Justin Bieber for her own fame?

Honey, I am SO happy you posted this question, as I thought I was going delusional for a second there. I've always thought that, ever since they were pictured on that yacht together. Poor Justin's being strung along by her whore-ish tactics, he's too young to realise that.

As you've probably guessed already, I'm a mahoosive Belieber. I live, eat and brethe Bieber. But I've hated her before she dated the sex god, as she has no talent whatsoever. I've seen her sing live - UNFORTUNATELY - and my ears almost bled. She can't sing a note in tune, and still little girls look up to her. I have no idea why. OMB I've gone off into a rant now, I'm gonna stop now, or else I never will LOL. But take it from me, don't turn into a "Selenator". FOR YOUR OWN SAKE :) x

Am 40yrs female, started excercise for weight loss in gym?

inspite of excericising for 1 month my wieght has not decreased but instead increased after starting this excercise routine of weight loss, please help want to reduce my weight

Answer on Am 40yrs female, started excercise for weight loss in gym?

That is a good thing. Your weight has increased because your body has put on a little bit of muscle, and muscle weighs more then fat. Your body has put on muscle because you didn't have any before. Now your body has reacted to this new stress of weight training and has adapted, making you stronger and more able to face the challenges of working out and losing weight. I am guessing you are working out to lose weight and tone up? Then make sure you are not lifting real heavy weights as they will actually make you pack on the muscle. Lifting light weight for high reps will give you tone lean muscle and help you lose weight. Eat healthy, do plenty of cardio, drink plenty of water, keep too much stress out of your life(because the stress of working out stresses your Central Nervous System which keeps you healthy. And you want a healthy CNS. Training will strengthen your CNS but stress and lack of sleep wont), and get plenty of rest and you will have the body you want. Your weight really doesn't matter, its how you look and feel. Your weight can be a little misleading because muscle weighs more then fat so don't pay too much attention to that. Instead, measure the size of your arms, waist, hips, legs, etc. Get a PT to do it for you. This will show you that you are toning.

To throw in a little extra info. When you first start to work out, and your body is not used to it, you get real sore. Your muscles are sore because this is an entirely new stress to your body. When working a muscle out, you tear muscle fibers. that is normal. So you need to rest to repair them. Say you did 15lbs for 20 reps and it was hard. After you go home and rest for a few days your body rebuilds that muscle to be able to take on that stress, that challenge you brought to it. It adapts. The next time you go back your muscle that you trained is repaired and stronger, more prepared to take on that 15lbs. for 20reps. So then you do 15-20lbs for 20-25 reps and maybe change up tempo. This is adding a whole new stress. So again your body adapts and builds on this, doing the whole routine over again. This is how you make progress and get the body you want; stronger, faster, leaner, bigger, smaller, etc. you build on each and every workout. Keep moving forward.

Stick with it you are stronger then you think.

P.S.- Muscle actually burns calories. The more muscle you have the more calories it needs to maintain itself, so you actually stay more in shape. So it never hurts to workout all parts of your body to add muscle(even in your case just muscle that wont be real noticeable, toned lean muscle) so you become a walking calorie burner shedding fat.