Tuesday, September 10, 2002

Who do these girls think they are?!?

ok so i'm 13. in studyhall i'm just hangin wit mah friendz&&jammin to lady gaga (we're allowed iPods in studyhall), &&we're the girlz who usually get all the guyz so i guess this could be jealousy but watever...

ok so me&&my friends&&our bf's r jammin to lady gaga&&i see this rlly cute guy with black plugs&&messy hair&&big glasses in skinny jeans&a flannel. so i walk up 2 him&&ask him if he wants 2 hang (me&mah bf broke it off 2 wks ago)&&we start talkin. lol he was cute but kinda weird. he likes all kindza music i've never heard of. then this b!!tch with wayyy 2 much rlly wavy hair, bright lipstick,&&wooden beads around her neck starts b!!tchin at me like "U SLUT GET AWAY FROM MAH BF B!!TCH!!!"
so i give her the finger&&tht makes her real mad. luckily th teacher came back b4 she could start somethin. so then her&&her weird lil hippie friends r all talkin bout meh&&shyt. wat kinda clique r they even? who do they think they r? why was she surprised her bf likes meh better than her?

Answer on Who do these girls think they are?!?

Never reproduce.