Monday, September 9, 2002

I want to regain my body shape? year back i was really a smart guy....evryone used to praise about my looks, gurls used to propose felt awsome

but evrything change...i went out for studies...and started becaming bulky day by i ws vry much busy wid my studies....i never cared about my body figure..

Now m a fatty and filthy guy...evry1 used to make fun of me including my parents... ;-((
i have no tym for gyming as my xamz r goin on...
Can u tell u sum excercises can help me loosing wait....i can give max. 1 hr for excercise daily...
Also help me in my diet...if u can??

Thanx in advance!

Answer on I want to regain my body shape?

With your present condition, I would suggest that you pursue some long duration cardiovascular training. If you are that overweight, then you should do something which is low impact such as an elliptical or stationary bike (recumbent recommended). Start with as little as 10 min and work up to the full hour as you get into shape. If you do not have a heart rate monitor, you should get one. (Polar is the best brand.) You should be working in the range of 65%-85% of (220 - age).

The best diet, healthiest diet, and least expensive is oddly not very popular. I am a vegetarian and I eat as much as I want without gaining weight.