Sunday, July 7, 2002

Do you think this will help me move on?

So my ex and I talk off and on but we are basically done for good now after 5 years. And he knew I went on someone else's facebook to look at his all the time but I decided to tell the persons I went on if they could change there password so I don't go on anymore and so they did and now I don't look at his anymore. Do you think this will help me have less anxiety now? Its been a few days and it s actually helping alittle because now I don't see all the things he posts to make me upset. Will this help me now that I can't look at it anymore? He really doesn't love me anymore I don't think, so I figured this was one way to try and move on from someone who wants nothing to do with me.

Answer on Do you think this will help me move on?

It will help you move on :)
Just forget that he even existed too, life will become happier for you that way. And maybe you can find someone else by letting go ;)