Friday, June 21, 2002

I am a 32 year old, up until recently, generally healthy female. Took a trip in Feb. to AZ and came back with?

a cough.Then had some teeth pulled. They put me on amoxicilian,a steroid and pain killers. Then everything started falling a part. By day 3 on the meds I began to have swelling in my whole body. Day 4, I was like a round ball.Gained almost 20 pounds in water weight.So swollen the skin under my feet were cracking and bleeding.I began having extreme pain in the right side of my jaw.Went to the E.R,after calling the dentist he said I might be having an allergic reaction to meds. Never had a problem with penicillin before. The hospital kept me for 3 days. I.V. antibiotics and steroids.Tested my blood for everything from Lyme disease to Lupus to rheumatoid arthritis. They said I was now allergic to penicilan.All blood work came back normal. Extremely high white count though. Said I had some sort of infection.They sent me home with a months worth of Doxycyline and more pain meds. Went to reg. doc. they did more blood work came up empty,except for slight anemia,always had that though. Then I began with a weeks worth of prednisone,still on the Doxycyline, pain meds and sleeping pills. Still hadn't slept through the night for about two weeks. Now begining to get extreme fatigue,then developed night sweats and chills and more swelling and alot of pain. Went back to the doc for more blood work,still all normal. Then developed a painful red bumpy rash ONLY on chest and started coughing up blood.Not alot just dime sized every couple of days. Then getting dizzy and seeing white blurry spots sometimes. They sent me to the specilist,he came up with Valley Fever. Went for that blood work and cultures and also diabetic blood work. Now 2 weeks later the cultures haven't grown anything, all the blood work has come back normal and have had 2 more trips to the E.R, with all those symptoms and having chest pains,numbness and tingles in my left side of body only. Also having moments of forgetfullness. Everytime I have been to the E.R they did chest x-rays and blood work all kept telling me it was normal. Now on my last visit to the E.R they said I have pnuemonia.Last two chest x-rays were three days part. The first one they said was clear. They are sending me to a Pullminary doctor. Except for having mono in high school and a severe case of pnuemonia 2 years ago(hospitilized for a week) I have never been sick.I have not had fevers or weight loss. Though my appetite has decreased I am still gaining weight. I am only 5'2" and almost pushing 190 pounds. NOT normal for me. I am not pregnant,had four children then had my tubes tied. I do smoke but am trying to quit. Down to less a pack a day. Can anyone PLEASE PLEASE give me some ides. The doctors have told me they don't know what is wrong and only treating the symptoms and not the PROBLEM. I have a family history of Lupus,diabetes,heart disease. It all runs rampant through both my parents sides,,them included.

Answer on I am a 32 year old, up until recently, generally healthy female. Took a trip in Feb. to AZ and came back with?

Could any of the medication throw off your test results for lupus? I think maybe some of you symptoms are a result of the lack of sleep or allergic reaction to the medications. Which is also throwing the doctors off. Can you think of anything you might have done/eaten that would have put you at risk of getting something while out there. What symptoms do you still have since you've been back, why did you have your teeth pulled. I would seek a second opinion, or fourth. I wouldn't stop any medication unless your doctor tells you otherwise.