Tuesday, May 21, 2002

How can a twelve year old lose Weight?

I am a twelve year old girl and i really want to lose wieght. I am 4 feet and nine inches, and wiegh 101.4 pouds. I really want to eat eat healthier and exercise more, but I dont know how. And I dont have alot of access to the gym, so are there any exercises that I can do at home? Also, are there any simple ways to change my diet? I have already thought about becoming aneroxic and I tried having bulima. It's scary and Im really desperate, I dont want to be called fat or ugly. So is there any other ways to lose wieght simply and quickly?

Answer on How can a twelve year old lose Weight?

No you dont need to lose weight, so what if people call you fat, they dont know you, they dont know where you come from. Just dont worry about it you will lose weight as you age. and also dont ever try vomiting or binging it will make you lose nutrients. I would also suggest you do jumping jacks and get a jump rope its a really great exercise, it works all your muscles. Just dont worry about your weight because if you lose it too fast you will lose the nutrients and your body wont have a chance to rebuild it self. trust me i went from 195 to 150 and i was 14. my skin started to turn yellow and i would always get sick. I would suggest the jump rope and eating no fast foods. subway is great for you, just check your calories and see which food works for you.The diet foods often have a sugar like splenda, splenda isnt that good and sometimes i would get cramps from drinking stuff with spelenda, plus splenda makes you crave sugar because its 10x more sweeter then sugar.So to sum it up jump rope and try to buy veggies and fresh meat. no fast food or tv dinners.